Strider Info

Why Strider?

No trikes or training wheels

The Strider™ PREbike teaches children balance and coordination in a secure learning situation. The bike’s low seating allows children to place both feet firmly on the ground, providing them confidence and control. The Strider™’s light weight adds to this feeling of control. Because kids feel secure, their natural curiosity kicks in and they quickly learn to steer and to balance. They are not afraid, but enthusiastic and eager to try new skills and to push themselves.

With the Strider™ there are no “trike tip-overs” or “training-wheel wobbles” to create fear, hesitancy, or rejection of biking. Remember your first training-wheeled bicycle? The bike wobbled from side to side and you were so high up that you couldn’t touch the ground. It was terrifying. With the Strider™ PREbike the need for tricycles or training wheels is completely eliminated, along with the accompanying fear factor. The Strider™ is the only vehicle you will ever need to teach your child or grandchild how to ride a bike and to instil in him or her, a deep love of biking.

For more information including the science behind Strider and the safety of these pre-bikes, please click here.